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The Boeing Company – NASA CCTC Data Collection Test                                                                                                                                 

Developing and integrating automated test software to functionally test 9 types of circuit cards used to monitor and control NASA’s International Low Impact Docking System (ILIDS).  The scripted test software verifies the integrity of the ILIDS of the component’s electrical signals, loads, and communication busses. (work ongoing)


The Boeing Company – 2010 General Atomics Contract Support and 2011 Maritime Test Program

Developed configurable software to track or map radar GMTI and SAR images and output radar telemetry to a supervisory control system.  The software continuously acquires four channels of IF, and processes the data in real-time to make decisions about target locations.


The Boeing Company– Compact RADAR Controller and Executive

Designed and implemented a real-time executive in LabVIEW to control an active phased array RADAR using National Instruments high speed digital pattern generators, GPS, DACs and FPGA on a PXI platform. Developed drivers and software to control RF test equipment. Used timing and triggering for deterministic measurement and control with less than 1 microsecond of jitter.


Parker Hannifin Corporation – Embraer MSJ Electronics “Hardware-in-the-Loop” Test Software

Designed and developed software to simulate the cockpit controls. Also designed and developed a hardware-in-the-loop actuator simulator that responds to the cockpit control simulation. Both of these subsystems interface with a full scale “iron bird” and may be configured to work with simulated or real aircraft components. (work ongoing)

Modular Wind Energy, Inc. – Wind Wing Strain Test Software                                                                                                           

Developed system to acquire and record multiple channels of strain for windmill blade and structural testing.


Rockwell Collins – Gulf Stream G650 Pilot Control Engineering and Production Testers

Designed and delivered complete test systems for testing pilot controls and avionics for controlling yaw and brake subsystems, pitch and roll subsystems, flaps, speed-brake, and trim.  Developed software in LabVIEW to automate and acquire data during all phase of the testing cycle, including, qualification testing, acceptance testing, environmental testing, and endurance testing.  Also, developed software in LabVIEW to emulate the aircraft’s flight control computer, for integration testing of the subsystems.


Nextherm Inc., Orange, CA – Semiconductor Industry      

Developed two applications to implement a real-time monitoring and control software system used to predict the life of active heaters:  1) Implemented real-time embedded software in C++ to set up system parameters and monitor various heater parameters used to predict heater life; and, 2) Developed secure host software in LabVIEW used to monitor and control all of the embedded system nodes connected to a plant network.


Nextherm Inc., Orange, CA – Semiconductor Industry

Developed architecture and design for software used to control and monitor a 200 mm wafer processing system.  The software, written in LabVIEW, interfaces to motion controllers for system automation, monitors the PLC process controller, executes process recipes, and retains process history.

Raytheon, Goleta, CA

Implemented PCB inspection system software.  Controlled two motion stages with 6 degrees of freedom, and captured real-time images to analyze PCBs for defects. Implemented a general application and test executive to control and monitor environmental chambers, power supplies, multi-meters, and thermocouples using GPIB and RS-232.


TRW Automotive Engineering, Terre Haute, IN

Implemented and supported automated burn-in test application using LabVIEW.  Used MODBUS to monitor and control dual-bayed temperature controllers, GPIB to control power supplies, and CAN interface bus to monitor the performance of airbags and seatbelt electronics under harsh temperature and shock conditions.